808 and Friends

808 and Friends

The Highest Producers

808 and Friends by The Highest Producers features five fresh WAV & MIDI Construction Kits inspired by top-notch artists such as Travis Scott, Ski Mask, Roddy Ricch, The Slump God, Travis Scott, Jazz Cartier, Smokepurpp and more.

This pack will provide you with must-have samples to help you produce your next hit track, including melodic sequences, pianos, bells, 808s, Drum hits, and MIDI loops.

MIDI files are included, so you can rework all the elements to fit into any project. This pack is your key to professional beats and a must-have for any producer looking to build up their sample library.

All loops are 100% Royalty-Free, so you can use them into your commercial compositions at no extra cost.

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All Samples Name Key BPM
G_Kick_120_Abmin G_Kick_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_PAD_120_Abmin G_PAD_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_Hats_120_Abmin G_Hats_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_Piano2_120_Abmin G_Piano2_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_Snare_120_Abmin G_Snare_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_Piano_120_Abmin G_Piano_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_808_120_Abmin G_808_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_RIM_120_Abmin G_RIM_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_FX_120_Abmin G_FX_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_Guitar2_120_Abmin G_Guitar2_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_Guitar_120_Abmin G_Guitar_120_Abmin Abmin 120
G_Open-hat_120_Abmin G_Open-hat_120_Abmin Abmin 120
RIOT_OPEN-HAT_144bpm_Amin RIOT_OPEN-HAT_144bpm_Amin Amin 144
RIOT_KICK_144bpm_Amin RIOT_KICK_144bpm_Amin Amin 144
RIOT_BELLS_144bpm_Amin RIOT_BELLS_144bpm_Amin Amin 144
RIOT_KEYS_144bpm_Amin RIOT_KEYS_144bpm_Amin Amin 144
RIOT_Clap_144bpm_Amin RIOT_Clap_144bpm_Amin Amin 144
RIOT_808_144bpm_Amin RIOT_808_144bpm_Amin Amin 144
RIOT_PAD_144bpm_Amin RIOT_PAD_144bpm_Amin Amin 144
RIOT_ARP_144bpm_Amin RIOT_ARP_144bpm_Amin Amin 144
RIOT_Hi-Hat_144bpm_Amin RIOT_Hi-Hat_144bpm_Amin Amin 144
S_808-2_147bpm_Amin S_808-2_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Pluck_147bpm_Amin S_Pluck_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Pluck2_147bpm_Amin S_Pluck2_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Kick_147bpm_Amin S_Kick_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_FX_147bpm_Amin S_FX_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Hats3_147bpm_Amin S_Hats3_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Reverse-Hat2_147bpm_Amin S_Reverse-Hat2_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Crash_147bpm_Amin S_Crash_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Texture_147bpm_Amin S_Texture_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_808-1_147bpm_Amin S_808-1_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Piano2_147bpm_Amin S_Piano2_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Lead_147bpm_Amin S_Lead_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Open-Hat_147bpm_Amin S_Open-Hat_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Hats_147bpm_Amin S_Hats_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_RIM_147bpm_Amin S_RIM_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Piano_147bpm_Amin S_Piano_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Clap_147bpm_Amin S_Clap_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Hats2_147bpm_Amin S_Hats2_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Open-Hat2_147bpm_Amin S_Open-Hat2_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Reverse_Crash_147bpm_Amin S_Reverse_Crash_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
S_Reverse-Hat_147bpm_Amin S_Reverse-Hat_147bpm_Amin Amin 147
FIREBLAST_CHIMES_142bpm_Fmin FIREBLAST_CHIMES_142bpm_Fmin Fmin 142
FIREBLAST_CLAP2_142bpm_Fmin FIREBLAST_CLAP2_142bpm_Fmin Fmin 142
FIREBLAST_RIM_142bpm_Fmin FIREBLAST_RIM_142bpm_Fmin Fmin 142
FIREBLAST_HH1_142bpm_Fmin FIREBLAST_HH1_142bpm_Fmin Fmin 142
FIREBLAST_KICK_142bpm_Fmin FIREBLAST_KICK_142bpm_Fmin Fmin 142
FIREBLAST_SYNTH_142bpm_Fmin FIREBLAST_SYNTH_142bpm_Fmin Fmin 142
FIREBLAST_HH2_142bpm_Fmin FIREBLAST_HH2_142bpm_Fmin Fmin 142
FIREBLAST_CLAP_142bpm_Fmin FIREBLAST_CLAP_142bpm_Fmin Fmin 142
FIREBLAST_808_142bpm_Fmin FIREBLAST_808_142bpm_Fmin Fmin 142
FIREBLAST_RISER_142bpm_Fmin FIREBLAST_RISER_142bpm_Fmin Fmin 142
MAB_HIT_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 MAB_HIT_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 Gbmaj 150
MAB_PAD_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 MAB_PAD_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 Gbmaj 150
MAB_FX-Melody_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 MAB_FX-Melody_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 Gbmaj 150
MAB_808_150bpm_Gbmaj MAB_808_150bpm_Gbmaj Gbmaj 150
MAB_Kalimbas_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 MAB_Kalimbas_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 Gbmaj 150
MAB_KICK_150bpm_Gbmaj MAB_KICK_150bpm_Gbmaj Gbmaj 150
MAB_Support-Synth_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 MAB_Support-Synth_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 Gbmaj 150
MAB_Soft-Lead_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 MAB_Soft-Lead_150bpm_Gbmaj 2 Gbmaj 150
MAB_CLAP_150bpm_Gbmaj MAB_CLAP_150bpm_Gbmaj Gbmaj 150
MAB_Hats_150bpm_Gbmaj MAB_Hats_150bpm_Gbmaj Gbmaj 150
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