A deep and highly controllable cinematic source module for Kontakt containing 350 kits split over 4 categories.


The Mix page has a wealth of controls so you can shape your sound to perfection. From here you can mix and match the individual loops (parts).

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SEQ Page

SEQ Page

The most intriguing feature of Synferno. Each part has a 2 x 32 step sequencer that lets you not only control the sample offset per part, but also the loop offset. It loads 32 loops per part into the RAM, for you to then offset which one to play - producing unique and creative results.

Customer Reviews


An absolutely excellent Kontakt instrument that I'm so glad I bought. It presents you with four keyboard regions that are each mapped to a sound, typically providing bass, rhythm and two atmospheric or melodic sounds. There are oodles of these 4-sound patches, many of which are really amazing combinations that work very well without any further adornment. Of course, you can create your own combinations and modify each of the sounds and their effect too. Some patches even include sounds created by sequencing through other sounds, which works really well with rhythms. I can't wait to get creative with this. The instrument is great value for money.

Graham Andrews


I've only just started playing with this so perhaps a bit premature to properly rate it but, excluding an initial learning curve for all the available features, it looks a great to to build textures and experimental loops.

Stuart Henderson


Just finished editing a movie soundtrack and used this item on it so many sounds to choose from. Keep up the great work the sounds are beautiful. 

William Munnerlyn

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