FAMEBOY is a classic drum synthesiser propelled into the modern age for the professional music producers of today.

Master Effects

Inside Fameboys clever interface lies a collection of master effects including Bitcrushing, Master EQ, Saturation, Compression, Delay and Reverb

Fulfil your lo-fi desires

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Midi Drag N Drop

Use the Midi Drag'n'Drop feature and drag created sequences straight into your DAW for further processing

Mixer Page

Control the volume, pan and send levels for all 16 channels in the mixer page

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At the heart of Fameboy is the powerful sequencer. The Sequencers in Fameboy are small but very powerful offering many functions for creating unique and interesting patterns.

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Snapshots are the easiest and most efficient way of loading and saving presets. FAMEBOY comes with a vast selection of snapshots ready to use including a selection of sound design and sequencer presets from our good friend and talented producer Si Begg.

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Tape Drive

The Tape Drive pages offer a full set of controls to emulate classic tape degredation effects to add an authentic layer of analog grit to your drums.

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