Quarantine is an advanced alien sound creator for all your modern, science fiction sound design needs.

An atmospheric set of sounds created by Glitchmachines

Quarantine features an atmospheric, restless, disturbed and unusual set of sounds that have been created by acclaimed sound designer Glitchmachines. The advanced sound creator has an incredible selection of source sounds designed for futuristic sound design.

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Sound browser

Quarantine has two sound sources available which can be combined and manipulated in various ways. Each source has a Category and a Sound Menu. There is a total of 8 categories to choose from, and each category contains a range and varying number of sounds. There is the option to randomise the sounds with the quick selection of a randomise button that can be found at the bottom of the Main Page. This will randomise the sounds for each voice, along with the various controls, in a semi random fashion. It is designed to create useable sounds instantly.

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Innovative Arp Page

Quarantine contains the innovative and unique sequencing arpeggiator. This is a very powerful tool that is great for quickly creating intriguing phrases. The Arp-Seq has all the abilities of a classic arpeggiator, however, instead of playing each key in turn, the Arp-Seq assigns a 16 step sequencer to each note you hold down (up to a maximum of 8 notes).

For each individual grain there are Attack, Release, Position, Movement and Length controls that give you full control over your science fiction sound design needs.

Quarantine is not suitable for Kontakt player, and to load Quarantine you must have the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1.


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