A beautiful and lush soundscape instrument for Kontakt featuring 1.4GB of samples from sound designer Subsonic Artz. The original Ethereal was released back in 2015 and due to popular demand and thanks to its unique soundscape, the newer and updated version has now been released. The latest version of Ethereal features a brand new interface and a multitude of controls that give you the ability to blend and manipulate the sounds in even more mysterious, creative and out of this world ways.


An exclusive ethereal atmosphere and soundscape generator.

Ethereal features 51 carefully and lovingly designed snapshots that are included to get you started, snapshots can be loaded and manipulated in a multitude of different ways to capture ethereal sounds – and can be manipulated even further using the interface. All sounds are loaded simultaneously and can be selected using the drop down patch selectors.

The new version does require the full version of Kontakt version 5.6 as Ethereal takes full advantage of the new Kontakt features and the bigger interface. Ethereal is available exclusively at Kontakt Hub.

Customer Review


Like the title says, one of the best Kontakt libraries for atmospheric pads and soundscapes. This is the one I always recommend and always return to when looking for something "Ethereal''.

Antal Nusselder


Customer Review


This is exactly what I wanted to treat a meditative track.

Anil Kumar Nallan Chakravarthy


Some gorgeous tweakable sounds to be had. Very useful.

David Roberts

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