Annihilated Hard Drives


Power ups, shut downs, grinding, screeching, whines, rattles

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Annihilated Hard Drives
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Product Overview

This collection contains the sounds of mistreated hard drives. We hit hard drives with hammers, drilled holes in them, bent them and inserted objects into them before turning them on. Power ups, shut downs, grinding, screeching, whines, rattling are just a few of the sounds you’ll find here. Great source material for sound design and heavy processing.

We recorded everything with four microphones to give you more options. The following microphones were used:

1x Neumann KM130 (cardioid)
1x Sennheiser MKH50 (cardioid)
2x Barcus Berry contact microphone

The details:
192kHz/24bit mono broadcast wave files with embedded metadata
4×19 files, 200+ sounds
Total duration: 4×50+ minutes
Download size: 4,8GB
Extracted size: 7,5GB
Please read the license agreement and listen to the samples before making a purchase.

Download the metadata sheet here (Open office spreadsheet)


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