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Emotional Lo-Fi: Nostalgic Nights

Epic Stock Media

A hand crafted collection of curated Chill samples.

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Emotional Lo-Fi: Nostalgic Nights
Epic Stock Media
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Product Overview

'Emotional Lo-Fi: Nostalgic Nights' by Epic Stock Media includes 112 emotional instrumental layer loops, warm gritty one shots, cozy melodies, soulful keys, lush pads, nostalgic beat patterns, layers, Lo-Fi drum one shots, flavorful percussion, textures, accents, sound effects and more, giving you everything needed to create the sought after vibes of melodic Chill Lo-Fi music.

'Emotional Lo-Fi: Nostalgic Nights' is a new and dreamy Lo-Fi sample pack featuring a hand crafted collection of curated Chill samples hitting across a variety of styles like R&B, Soul, Lo-Fi, Electro, Calm, Chill, Hip hop, and Future Pop, as well as other popular modern music genres.

The samples exude warmth and clarity, giving you a delicate and clean sound palette to use in your productions. Inside you get to explore through sultry vibes, fuzzy feelings, and thick textures that just warm the soul. Everything is organized into understandable folders and meticulously key tagged.

What's inside?

• 56 One Shots
• 56 Loops
• 16 Drum Loops
• 33 Melodic Loops
• 3 Percussion Loops
• 4 Sound Effect Loops
• 6 Hi Hat Shots
• 18 Kick Shots
• 9 Percussion Shots
• 7 Sound Effect Shots
• 16 Snare Shots
• Key & Tempo Labelled
• 100% Royalty Free

Sounds in this pack

All Samples Name Key BPM
Snare_LoFi_Dull_Dark_Warn Tape_Emotional Snare_LoFi_Dull_Dark_Warn Tape_Emotional
Snare_LoFi_AM_Crispy_Clean_Warm_Emotional Snare_LoFi_AM_Crispy_Clean_Warm_Emotional Am
Snare_LoFi_Small_Intimate_Warm_Emotional Snare_LoFi_Small_Intimate_Warm_Emotional
Snare_LoFi_Vintage_Analog_Crisp_OMG_Casio_Emotional Snare_LoFi_Vintage_Analog_Crisp_OMG_Casio_Emotional
Snare_LoFi_Dull_Muted_Thump_Stick_Emotional Snare_LoFi_Dull_Muted_Thump_Stick_Emotional
Snare_LoFi_Dusty_Distorted_Broken_Emotional Snare_LoFi_Dusty_Distorted_Broken_Emotional
Snare_LoFi_Saturated_Crispy_Crushed_Lossy_Emotional Snare_LoFi_Saturated_Crispy_Crushed_Lossy_Emotional
Snare_LoFi_Dark_Muted_Filtered_Low_And_Angry_Emotional Snare_LoFi_Dark_Muted_Filtered_Low_And_Angry_Emotional
Snare_LoFi__Repeaster_Dusty_Crushed_Double_Strokes_Emotional Snare_LoFi__Repeaster_Dusty_Crushed_Double_Strokes_Emotional
Snare_LoFi_Saturated_Crispy_Crushed_Lossy_2_Emotional Snare_LoFi_Saturated_Crispy_Crushed_Lossy_2_Emotional
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