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Battle Royale Game – FPS Sound Effects Library

Epic Stock Media

A first person shooter game sound effects library which features over 900+ battle tested and game ready SFX.

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Battle Royale Game – FPS Sound Effects Library
Epic Stock Media
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Product Overview

Don’t miss your drop zone. Escape domination by your opponent. Be the first to rank up and experience military grade gameplay audio. Introducing our newest and most exciting sound library yet, Battle Royale Game, a first person shooter game sound effects library which features over 900+ battle tested and game ready SFX.

Inspired by hit PC & console games like Apex, Fortnite, PUBG. Battle Royale Game is an expertly crafted and thoughtfully imagined military sound base of natural and minimally processed source sounds plus a significant cache of hybrid & highly designed game audio assets. This storehouse of sound will outfit any project where FPS styled sound effects are needed. Now On Sale!

Create Outstanding Audio Experiences Effortlessly

The Battle Royale library is organized into popular categories that make it easier to create outstanding war game experiences. It includes the following folders: Ambiences Loops, Gear Bags, Armor, Collects, Explosions, Foley, Gun Foley, Gunshots, Item Grabs, Medical, Opens – like ammo boxes, doors, chests etc, and a nicely stocked UI folder. Useful in animations, videos, games, arcades, apps, motions graphics, film, tv & more. Battle Royale Game sound library is great for rapid prototyping and absolutely perfect for your game sound masterpiece. Get professional sound quality results instantly with Battle Royale FPS SFX Library.

A Vast Inventory of Sounds

Includes: sniper rifles, shotguns, grenade blasts, missile strikes, pistol shots, bandages, treasure chests, door opens, body armor, gun handling, apocalyptic/war ambience loops, loot crates, ammo boosts, upgrades, positive notification chimes, kill reward coins, metal parts grab, crafting essentials, perks, new attachment dings, medkits, set traps, mine explosions, smoke grenades, laser cannons, player foley, and movement, consume health, inhale-exhale for steady aim, lock picking, body hit, push body, grabs, pickups, collects, items, slides, gear, lock and unlocks, power-ups, page change, transitions, next pages, screen taps, equipment bass selects, ui hums, chirps, aim, drop, holster, place, reload weapon, and more.

All of the sound effects files are designed to make your life easier, production workflow faster and delivered in 96kHz/24bit .WAV file format to maintain top-notch audio fidelity. Plus, a 44.1k 16Bit .WAV version of the entire collection is provided so you never need to convert files. Battle Royale’s premixed audio is ready to drag and drop into your game. Simply choose the format that suits your project best.

You’ve just landed in the drop zone. It’s your ultimate chance to dominate the game. In the corner of your eye you spy a refreshing, powerful and ultra time saving cache of elite battle royale style sound effects. The Quartermaster’s gate is unguarded so now you can snag this audio stockpile. Go for it. It’s your exclusive procurement, only from Epic Stock Media.


What's inside?

  • 929 sound effects
  • 1.84 GB of game sound
  • Everything you need for ui, loot, military, war, RTS, RPG games
  • A game developer & sound designer must have!
  • Perfect for AAA games & film
  • 53 minutes of audio FX
  • Includes multiple formats of the entire library: 96k 24bit, 44.1k 16bit, and game ready MP3
  • Includes Soundminer metadata for easy search capability
  • 24 immersive ambience loops
  • 26 inventory bags
  • 43 body armor shields & buffs – common, rare – use, pick up, drop, recharge, slide
  • 79 game ready loot collects, items, coins – like health jug, loot container open, point boost, military pick up touch & more
  • 48 versatile explosions SFX – grenade, laser cannon, mine, missile strike, smoke grenade – close/distant for each set
  • 119 game foley actions and items like player movement, banana use, consume mushroom, sniper breath, metal tool pick up, map roll out, canteen fill,
  • stone, wood, cloth, metal & much more
  • 254 gun handling sets – aim, drop guns, gun handling foley, pick up, place, reload and hybrid
  • 91 game ready gunshots – rifle, assault rifle, submachine gun, pistol, laser, sniper rifle, shotgun – close, distant, long tail, short tail, dry, wet
  • 42 clutch grabs like grab item cloth hit, ammo belt, leather, grab tool, document, wood mallet, metal tools, supply box, body push & grab etc.
  • 43 medical sounds – apply bandage, wrap wound, drop medic item, inject syringe, use medical item, pill bottle, med crate
  • 93 epic open chests, doors, ammo boxes, lids, inventory perks, loot crates, dispense item mechanical, set trap & stock opens
  • 67 user-friendly user interface buttons, clicks, switches, taps, page transitions, inventory navigation, positive chimes, negative affirmation, hums, chirps & more
  • All royalty-free RTU-OTB (ready to use out of the box)

Sounds in this pack

All Samples Name Key BPM
Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Sniper_2_Cock_Bolt_Latch Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Sniper_2_Cock_Bolt_Latch
Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Sniper_3_Cock_Bolt_Latch Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Sniper_3_Cock_Bolt_Latch
Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Pistol_3_Slide_Clip_Cock_Pull_Back Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Pistol_3_Slide_Clip_Cock_Pull_Back
Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Sniper_1_Cock_Bolt_Latch Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Sniper_1_Cock_Bolt_Latch
Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Assault_Rifle_3_Cybernetic_Cock_Mechanism_Load Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Assault_Rifle_3_Cybernetic_Cock_Mechanism_Load
Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Shotgun_4_Load_Shell_Pump_Cock Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Shotgun_4_Load_Shell_Pump_Cock
Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Pistol_4_Slide_Clip_Cock_Pull_Back Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Pistol_4_Slide_Clip_Cock_Pull_Back
Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Sniper_4_Cock_Bolt_Latch Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Sniper_4_Cock_Bolt_Latch
Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Submachine_Gun_2_Metal_Cock_Clip_Load Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Submachine_Gun_2_Metal_Cock_Clip_Load
Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Pistol_2_Slide_Clip_Cock_Pull_Back Battle_Game_Weapon_Reload_Restock_Magazine_Pistol_2_Slide_Clip_Cock_Pull_Back
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