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Destructive Metal Guitars


Tight rhythm guitars and melodic leads that can be used in any genre

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Destructive Metal Guitars
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Product Overview

“Destructive Metal Guitars” from SpillAudio is packed with 107 samples that will bring the aggressiveness, punchiness, and raw power, inspired by artists such as Lamb of God, Slipknot, Trivium, etc.

It's a combination of tight rhythm guitars and melodic leads that can be used in any genre from Rock and Metal to Electronic music and everything in between. Whether you are looking for a hook in your project or something that can carry the rhythm section, this pack has got it.

Inside you will find various rhythm guitar progressions, each one recorded left and right, so you can enjoy a full stereo image. You will get guitar leads that will compliment any rhythm section, with melodic nuances. Synthesizer sequences which provide an extra layer of tightness, bringing along that modern sound without getting in the way. Bass melodies that can hold down everything together without a hassle.

You will receive the wet tracks that you can hear in the preview, and the dry takes as well. Everything is recorded by professional musicians with high-quality equipment and experience.

Drums are for demo purposes only and they are not included in the product.



What's inside?

  • 13 Rhythm Guitar (Mono) Samples
  • 13 Rhythm Guitar L/R (Stereo) Samples
  • 12 Melody Guitar (Dry) Samples
  • 12 Melody Guitar (Wet) Samples
  • 12 Bass Samples
  • 8 Synthesizer Samples
  • 36 Stacks Samples
  • 106 Samples in total


  • BPM and KEY labeled
  • 24-Bit/44.1kHz Wav Quality
  • Royalty-free

Sounds in this pack

All Samples Name Key BPM
SA_DMG_04_Stack Synth Bass Pre-Chorus_210_Bm SA_DMG_04_Stack Synth Bass Pre-Chorus_210_Bm Bm 210
SA_DMG_04_Guitar Melody Chorus_Dry_210_Bm SA_DMG_04_Guitar Melody Chorus_Dry_210_Bm Bm 210
SA_DMG_04_Guitar Rhythm Mono Verse 2_Dry_210bpm_Bm SA_DMG_04_Guitar Rhythm Mono Verse 2_Dry_210bpm_Bm Bm 210
SA_DMG_01_Bass Pre-Chorus_170bpm_C#m SA_DMG_01_Bass Pre-Chorus_170bpm_C#m C#m 170
SA_DMG_03_Guitar Melody Pre-Chorus_Dry_150_C#m SA_DMG_03_Guitar Melody Pre-Chorus_Dry_150_C#m C#m 150
SA_DMG_03_Guitar Rhythm Mono Chorus_Dry_150bpm_C#m SA_DMG_03_Guitar Rhythm Mono Chorus_Dry_150bpm_C#m C#m 150
SA_DMG_01_Guitar Melody Chorus_Dry_170_C#m SA_DMG_01_Guitar Melody Chorus_Dry_170_C#m C#m 170
SA_DMG_02_Guitar Rhythm Mono Pre-Chorus_Dry_200bpm_C#m SA_DMG_02_Guitar Rhythm Mono Pre-Chorus_Dry_200bpm_C#m C#m 200
SA_DMG_04_Guitar Rhythm Stereo Pre-Chorus_Dry_210bpm_Bm SA_DMG_04_Guitar Rhythm Stereo Pre-Chorus_Dry_210bpm_Bm Bm 210
SA_DMG_03_Guitar Rhythm Stereo Verse_Dry_150bpm_C#m SA_DMG_03_Guitar Rhythm Stereo Verse_Dry_150bpm_C#m C#m 150
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