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Zero-1 Synth for Kontakt

Zero-1 Synth for Kontakt

The Zero-1 Synth, in its most basic form, is a single oscillator virtual analog synthesizer. Loosely based on the CS01 monosynth that was released way back in 1982, the Zero-1 Synthesiser is an inspired continuation of the monosynth's affordable entry into the world of analog synthesisers... but with a twist.

The big twist is in the oscillators. Rather than sample the DCO oscillators from the original instrument, the Zero-1 Synth runs them through a tube overdrive and Watkins Copicat tape delay. The process of mangling the raw oscillators injects a significant amount of character, movement and fluidity to the original waveforms that is highly effective. The effect was achieved by drawing from five oscillators which were multi-sampled in 24 bits in the following manner: triangle, sawtooth, 50% square, 25% square and PWM. The resulting effect is a unique twist that is innovative and absolutely distinctive to this product.

Zero-1 Synth for Kontakt

In addition to this twist, the Zero-1 Synth has several qualities that make it stand out. One of these unique features is the rare ability to switch between a MK I and MK II CS01 filter emulation. The feature selects either a 12dB/oct or 24dB/oct filter and adapts the livery of the control panel accordingly, enabling it to match the original variants. This astounding feature is a true flash of genius by Stephen Howell at Hollow Sun.

The installation of the Zero-1 Synth is very straightforward, with the requirement of Kontakt version 4.2.4 or higher. The simple installation process and its affordability makes the Zero-1 Synth an ideal entry product into analog synthesisers.

To find out more about the exciting introduction of the Zero-1 Synth to the market, alongside accessing further key details and features (including a short sound sample and complete user manual) about the new CS01 Monosynth, visit the full profile on Kontakt Hub.

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