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The Exclusive Stradivarius EKO

The Exclusive Stradivarius EKO

The EKO Stradivarius is one of the rarest and hardest string synthesisers to find from the 1970's.

It has an incredibly rich and vibrant sound all of its own.

This instrument is based on the rare and hard to find EKO Stradivarius analogue synthesiser. Due to the rarity of these synths, the process of finding one was quite difficult, lengthy and complicated – involving a lot of searching to find one.

Many extra features have been added to significantly extend the range of sounds that can be created.

Each section of the original hardware has been sampled: Contra Bass, Cello, Violin, Viola, Trumpet and Horn.

We also created an ensemble collection of samples which are easily selected from the front panel. This collection greatly increases the range of sounds that can be created, allowing you to easily create lush atmospheric strings and synth sounds from a bygone era.

The EKO was released in the 1970's and used by the likes of Vangelis during his 70's live shows, the EKO produces beautiful and haunting string sounds of that era. Our version will allow you to easily create those sounds and surpass the limitations of the original hardware.

Each of the 6 original sections of the EKO stradivarius has been sampled in great detail.

PLEASE NOTE: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.8.1 is required (NOT Kontakt Player)


Find out more about the EKO Stradivarius here: https://www.kontakthub.com/product/stradivarius-eko-string-synthesizer-kontakt/

The Exclusive Stradivarius EKO

We have added many, many extra features to allow for greater sounds to be created from the core sound of the EKO Stradivarius. We also added a special set of Ensemble processed samples for a very rich and vibrant sound. Both sample sets can be freely mixed with each other for extra creativity.

How about each section panning independently of each other?

Each section also has independent filter shapes with a huge range of filter types to choose from, vowel filters, phasers filters and each synth section (all 6) has them - lots of scope for sound creation or use the snapshots that come supplied which will give a wide range of sounds that can be tweaked and modified by you.

Easily create beautiful and lush strings, haunting pads, synth leads, special analogue type effects, synth stabs and then pass them through the effects section.

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