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Sawmill has launched

Sawmill has launched

Sawmill is an instrument inspired by the supersaw sound. It doesn't try to emulate the classic supersaw sound but interestingly, it layers detuned saw oscillators and turns a static sound into a moving texture.

It enables you to detune other parameters, not just pitch. For example, you could also detune filters, LFO frequency, and effects.

With Sawmill, you have the ability to detune everything, on every oscillator.

There are seven oscillators and it is quite like having a stack of seven synthesizers, with controllers conveniently grouped by type.

If you want to tune a filter cutoff you have a row of seven knobs, Sawmill makes it easy to experiment with oscillator layering.

Find out more about Sawmill here: https://www.kontakthub.com/product/sawmill-7-osc-synth-kontakt/

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