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Helios Coming Soon

Helios Coming Soon

Recently, we have been spending some time working with our good friends over at Rigid Audio to bring you an advanced sequencer for creating textures, pulses and ambient sounds. The project was a huge success and we are now proud to introduce to you the unique product of this collaboration, Helios.

Helios is a new and exciting sequencer that features over 5GB of custom-produced sounds and an advanced suite of sequencing tools and presets. The new and advanced sequencer features the most powerful step sequencer controls imaginable – putting the user firmly in the creative driver's seat with full control.

In addition to a comprehensive music library, containing over 5GB of customer made soundscapes created by a selection different sound designers, Helios also combines two sounds sources. Not only that, Helios allows the user to rhythmically swap between each sound to create richly evolving soundscapes with gradual modulation. The user can easily select your source and manipulate the sounds in creative, unique and unexpected ways.

Added to this is a new level of unprecedented control over the soundscapes, which truly opens the doors of creativity wide open. There are a total of 11 effects that can be controlled either randomly or in either a positive or a negative directions – all riding on the press of a button. This almost limitless level of control opens up a vast world of infinite sound design capabilities.

The advanced capabilities of Helios also feature the ability to contain 114 professionally designed snapshots to get you started. A new and advanced sequencer that is built to offer unrivalled control and creative potential.

To find out more information about Helios, the advanced sequencer for creating textures, pulses and ambient sounds, take a look at the Helios Soundscape product page using the link below.

View the Helios soundscape now

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