The Planet - Deep Scan

The Planet – Deep Scan is a surreal, ethereal, and unsettling soundscape that features a wide spectrum of data that mimics the sounds of an ever-changing, and exotic world unlike any other.

The Planet - Deep Scan


Featuring a vintage sci-fi audio world, The Planet – Deep Scan is the successor to the highly acclaimed ambient library, The Planet. In contrast to its predecessor, The Planet Deep Scan concentrates on a dark and textural content that lends itself to the easy and intuitive creation of evolving sound textures and soundscapes in vintage, lo-fi fashion. The Planet – Deep Scan requires the full version of Kontakt Hub 5.5.1.

24 bit / 44,1 kHz wav format
1,2 GB installed
22 basic patches consisting of 4 layers
74 patches derived from basic ones
30 multi patches
Custom made looped sound textures using hardware synths and fx units
Great for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheres, evolving audio textures
Strong vintage / lo-fi / sci-fi approach
Flanger, Phaser, EQ, Filter, Stereo Limiter, Delay, Reverb, Attack, Release controls

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The Planet - Deep Scan

Customer Reviews

***** Amazing Ambience

This library is a great Ambient sound design tool! I’ve been creating patches using The Planet Deep Scan for a few days now, with no end in site. 


***** Will Not Disappoint Atom Hub Fan

If you're a fan of Atom Hub and all the critters and things that they have running around in their sounds, then Deep Scan will not disappoint you. Compared to the original The Planet, which is another bargain that should still be on your list, the 4-layer sounds in Deep Scan are more complex and adjustable, and, unlike the original, the controls are clearly labeled so you don't have to depend on the Kontakt help line to figure out the GUI---even though I think both GUIs are actually straight-forward and relatively quick to grasp. The most obvious additions in Deep Scan are the Scan (layer) controls.



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